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Teachers and parents: web resources relating to early maps

This page was created on 18 March 2002 and updated thereafter

There are numerous sites offering links for teachers, on the one hand, or for maps on the other. Since there does not seem to be any site that brings together (for the benefit of teachers or parents) web-based educational materials relating to the history of maps, a systematic search was carried out on the web. No responsibility for the content of the sites linked below can be taken by the author of this page (who has no experience of teaching).

Background and general information

See also (in particular) the following pages on this 'Map History' site for links to further text and images

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Book and Web titles

These are offered without comment as to their quality. Entering the ISBN into a search engine, or Amazon.com [just select 'Books' and copy the ISBN into the search box without dashes or spaces], should retrieve details about the book concerned. Alternatively, try Maps & Cartography -- Children / K-12 Level (a listing of recent books, by Jack Mount).

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Lesson materials

See also '2003 Everyday Maps Institute Participants Produce Map-Based Curriculum Materials for Grades K-12', Mapline: a newsletter published by The Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at The Newberry Library [Chicago], Numbers 97-98, Spring 2004, pp.7-28.
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Links sites and News

The sites below, while largely concerned with contemporary mapping, also have some educational links for map history

The Newberry Library's Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography and the Center for Renaissance Studies are pleased to announce 'Mapping the Early Modern World', a four-week summer institute for higher education faculty, led by Dr. James Akerman and Dr. Lia Markey, 18 July - 12 August 2022.

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see also College and university level courses in the history of cartography

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