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19th International Conference on the History of Cartography

Madrid, Spain, 1-6 July 2001

Paper and Poster Programme

The programme details have been left up, to give you an idea of what happens at these conferences. See also Peter van der Krogt's photographic record of the 2001 Madrid conference

Past deadlines:
End of cheaper Registration fees: 15 February 2001
Deadline for Abstracts for Papers and Posters: 1 October 2000

Contact details:

XIXth International Conference on the History of Cartography
Biblioteca Nacional de España
Paseo de Recoletos, 20
E-28071 Madrid

Tel: (+34) 915 807 726
Fax: (+34) 915 807 716

The conference will take place in the air-conditioned Conference Room of the Biblioteca Nacional.

The main conference theme will be 'The History of Cartography of Spain and Iberoamerica' but papers may be submitted on any aspect of the history of cartography.

The official languages will be English, French and Spanish, with simultaneous translation between English and Spanish.

The International Society of the Curators of Early Maps (ISCEM) will meet on Saturday, 30 June 2001 - programme.

You will find the full text of the 'Call for Papers...Conference Information and Booking Form' (in English, French and Spanish) via the Biblioteca Nacional's website. Click on the T-0 map icon; scroll to the foot of the page and click on the link (in Spanish); and then select English or French if you prefer. Note that the text of the 'Call for Papers' and the combined 'Registration and Reservation Form' are Adobe Acrobat files and may take time some time to download.

Alternatively, send the following details to the Conference Secretariat (details above):-

Family Name
First Name(s) (and title)
Full mailing address

Please point out that you saw this notice on the 'Map History' site

Paper and Poster Programme

The 20th conference will be held in Portland, Maine, and Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A., 15-21 June 2003.
The 21st conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in 2005.

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