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International Conferences on the History of Cartography

The continuing series of biennial conferences started in London in the 1960s. Their aim was to bring together all those who worked with early maps, whatever their formal discipline, for the exchange of new research and ideas. To date, twenty-two conferences have been held, all but four of them in Europe. For a historical introduction and a full list of the papers and posters presented at these conferences (prepared by Douglas Sims and web-mounted by Peter van der Krogt) see 'A Short History and a Bibliography of Papers'. Links are also provided to photographs (taken by Peter van der Krogt) of the 1987 conference and those from 1991 onwards [the 2007 Berne pictures were taken by a professional photographer].

If you have not attended one of these conferences before be sure to see Bert Johnson's 'Two dozen suggestions for attending your first International Conference on the History of Cartography'.

The 23rd International Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark (12-17 July 2009) [see below], followed by the 24th in Moscow, Russia (July 2011).

The conferences are co-ordinated by the Board of Directors of Imago Mundi Ltd, who choose the venue.

The conference papers are generally offered first for publication by Imago Mundi . A selection of papers from the 15th conference (Chicago, 1993) was included in Cartographica 35, Nos 3-4 (1998) - Monograph 52: James R. Akerman (ed.) 'Cartography and Statecraft: Studies in Governmental Mapmaking in Modern Europe and its Colonies'.

For further information about future conferences in this series contact: Tony Campbell  

International Conference on the History of Cartography (ICHC)

Statement of Purpose

The International Conference on the History of Cartography is the only scholarly conference solely dedicated to advancing knowledge of the history of maps and mapmaking, regardless of geographical region, language, period or topic. The conference promotes free and unfettered global cooperation and collaboration among cartographic scholars from any academic discipline, curators, collectors, dealers and institutions through illustrated lectures, presentations, exhibitions, and a social programme. In order to expand awareness of issues and resources, each conference is sponsored by leading educational and cultural institutions. Conferences are held biennially and are administered by local organizers in conjunction with Imago Mundi Ltd.

The Board of Imago Mundi Ltd

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