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The E. Forbes Smiley III map thefts:
reports and news stories

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Official documents

The MSN list circulated, on 7 July 2005, the < http://te.verweg.com/pipermail/msn-list/2005-July/001156.html > FBI Alert/Request for Information about Smiley's apprehension at Yale a month earlier on 8 June. See also the full text of the 23 June 2005 Arrest Warrant.

For full texts of the following documents that were released after Smiley's court appearance, a year later, on 22 June 2006, see links provided by the Map Room blog:

Other official documents:
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The six libraries

The following libraries were named in court on 22 June 2006, as having had maps stolen by Smiley though not all are listed in the 97 'Smiley Admissions':
Chronologically ordered lists were published in Michael Blanding, The Map Thief (New York: Gotham Books, 2014), pp.223-48. Appendix A comprises 'Maps Smiley admitted stealing', Appendix B 'Additional maps libraries reported missing'.

Among the 97 whose theft was admitted to by Smiley the breakdown was as follows: Yale, Sterling Library (11), Beinecke Library (9); New York Public Library Rare Book Division (11), Map Division (21); Newberry Library (2); Harvard, Houghton Library (8); British Library (1); Boston Public Library (34).

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News stories

Issues arising out of the Forbes Smiley affair (August 2005 onwards)

What follows is a regularly updated list (latest first) of selected newspaper articles, many of which are syndicated widely. Be aware that newspaper articles tend to remain available online for a short time only, or are removed to an archive for which you have to register. Since such archives are unlikely to be accessible to search engines, the details of these articles will be left so as to help in an archival search. To avoid dead links, the web addresses below are given as text rather than as active links.

There has been much discussion on the MapHist list, which can be retrieved via its archive.

Many of the links below point to messages sent to the ExLibris list. In June 2009, the list's archive was transferred from Stanford University Libraries to the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation. Although the intention was to make the archive "publicly available again as soon as possible" this has not yet happened (February 2011). Those links no longer work but they have been left on the page in case they become functional again later.

Key dates:

For later references to the Smiley case see under Theft News

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Feature articles

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Issues arising out of the Forbes Smiley affair (August 2005 onwards)

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