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Prizes and Awards

California Map Society / Rumsey Map Center Paper Award
Fordham Prize for distinguished contributions to the field of cartography. Awarded by the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) triennially (?) [renamed 2013; formerly the Sir George Fordham Award for Cartobibliography].
Hakluyt Society Essay Prize.
Imago Mundi Prize
IMCoS - Helen Wallis Award. Given annually by the International Map Collectors' Society to the individual (or organisation) who 'has been responsible for cartographic contribution of great merit and wide interest to map collectors world-wide'.
International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes (Internationale Coronelli-Gesellschaft für Globenkunde) offers the Fiorini-Haardt Prize, open to those researching pre-1945 globes and their makers.
Society for the History of Discoveries, annual prize essay contest. The Prize (of $600) is open to anyone without a doctorate; essays may be on any aspects of discoveries, including cartography. The closing date is May 15th.
University of Texas at Arlington. The Department of History offers a range of Student Awards, some specifically for cartographic work.
Walter W. Ristow Essay Prize. This is issued annually by the Washington Map Society to recognize achievement in cartographic history. It is open to full or part-time students of accredited institutions of higher learning worldwide. The winner will receive $1000 and will have their paper published in The Portolan, the journal of the WMS.
The International Directory of Researchers in Map History
(an open source for contact information, current interests, research projects, and publications related to map history)

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