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Imago Mundi announces a publishing partnership with Routledge (December 2002)

Imago Mundi is delighted to announce a five-year publishing partnership with Routledge Journals, to start with the next issue of the journal (No. 55, July 2003). Routledge is part of the long-established and well-respected Taylor & Francis publishing group. Based in the UK, they also have a Philadelphia office. Our agreement will guarantee the financial future of IM, while Routledge's promotion of the journal will ensure that it becomes far better known and far more widely read than at present - of obvious advantage to those who write for it.

Readers of IM will not notice any significant change. Routledge will be handling the business side but Imago Mundi Ltd retains the copyright and Dr Catherine Delano Smith will continue to have complete editorial independence.

Personal subscribers, however, will find that things are more convenient. The sterling price will remain unchanged (for the 11th year in succession) while the dollar equivalent will be slightly reduced (making the figure actually lower than it was in 1992)! Online and credit card facilities will simplify the process of payment, particularly for those in Europe. A professionally-staffed office will ensure a prompter response than before, and Airspeed shipments will mean that overseas subscribers receive their volume considerably quicker than in the past.

The main difference is that institutional subscribers (and hence those who use the libraries in question) will be able to access IM online. So, from next year, IM will be on the web, and fully searchable - making it all the more important that your library subscribes.

The search continues for an effective way to convert the back issues (1935- ) and mount them on the web. It is hoped that an announcement can be made about that during the first half of 2003.

Finally, it has been agreed with Routledge that, from 2004, IM will appear twice a year. This will enable the Bibliography and Reviews sections to be even more up to date, and allow articles to be published with even less delay.

If you a subscriber, Routledge will be contacting you directly in the first part of 2003. You do not need to take any action yourself. If you would like to contact Taylor & Francis (Routledge) in connection with a new subscription, their email is: orders@tandf.co.uk

Tony Campbell, Chairman Imago Mundi Ltd
16 December 2002

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