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Harley Fellowships

Harley Fellowships in the History of Cartography

Referee's Report form

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This form can be downloaded into email or a Microsoft Word document and filled out there, and then mailed/emailed (details below); or it can be used as a general guide to the aspects we wish to see commented upon

Applicant's details:

Applicant’s full name

Title of applicant’s proposed research

Referee's details:

Referee's comments:

(We would be grateful for comments on the following aspects of the application, and any other remarks you think would be relevant. Please be as detailed and specific as you can. The applicant is likely to benefit from such information)

1. Appraisal of the overall conception of the applicant’s project and of its potential contribution to the history of cartography

2. Appraisal of the applicant’s ability to undertake the proposed research

3. Appraisal of the likelihood of a scholarly publication resulting from the project


To be returned, by 1 November please, via email to: Tom.Harper(at)bl.uk [NB. You need to replace (at) with the @ symbol]. If that is not possible you can mail to Tom Harper, Hon. Sec. J.B. Harley Fellowships, Curator of Antiquarian Mapping, The British Library, Map Library, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB.

Harley Fellowships main menu   |  Applying for a Harley Fellowship

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