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Map Interest Societies

REGIONAL AND LOCAL (managed by James Speed Hensinger)

For an up-to-date listing of forthcoming map society meetings, see John Docktor's Calendar of conferences, meetings, lectures and map fairs.

The Council of North American Map Societies (CONAMS) was founded in 2007, to "serve North American map societies by informing them, coordinating their activities as relates to scheduling, and assisting them to better accomplish their common interests and respective missions by sharing information and best practices." It meets once or twice a year and the minutes are freely available online.

See the listing of Newsletters for details of some other societies and organisations, which have some relevance for the history of cartography.


The Brussels Map Circle (BIMCC). This was founded in 1998 (as the Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle - name changed in May 2012) and is based in Belgium. The language of the meetings and the Newsletter (published three times a year) is English. It organises an international conference, excursions, study sessions, etc.

International Cartographic Association (ICA-CHC). This has a Commission on the History of Cartography (now including the former Working Group on the History of Colonial Cartography in the 19th century), whose site includes historical notes, a bibliography, news of members, etc. A Commission on Map Projections was established in 2003. Another Commission, set up in 2005, is concerned with Cartographic Heritage into the Digital [until 2015, 'Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage'] (on which see Evangelos Livieratos's Cartographic Heritage webpage).

International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes

International Map Collector's Society (IMCoS). Founded in 1980 and based in England, this holds regular regional meetings, a United Kingdom symposium every alternate year, and an international symposium annually. A travel grant of 300 is open to members aged under 32.

The IMCoS Map Journal appears quarterly. An index was published covering the period from its inception (1980) up to 1994.

International Society of the Curators of Early Maps. This meets in alternate years at the International Conference on the History of Cartography.

International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap). Founded in December 2011, 'to advance the study of the history of maps in all societies and over all periods of time: by promoting the education of the general public in the subject; by promoting communication between members and others interested in the subject; by promoting the research, teaching and funding of the subject'.

Society for the History of Discoveries. This meets annually, usually in the United States. It publishes the annual Terrae Incognitae, whose book reviews and selected articles are now online. It is issued by Maney Publishing and there are plans to digitise the back issues. There is an online Article listing for vols 1-37 (1969-2005). Issues of the newsletter (Terrae Cognita) since 2001 can be accessed online via the SHD homepage.

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