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Finding or Placing Advertisements on the Internet
for Jobs in Map Librarianship (primarily in the UK)

(the following represent informal notes, based on quick research in December 1999)

1. Library Association

'Library and Information Appointments is the official recruitment publication of The Library Association...The printed version is only available to members, but non-members can access the electronic version, LA JobNet, free of charge'. You have to regi ster to use the site, whether as an individual or an employer.

2. Jobs.ac.uk

Under 'Librarianship' there were 35 jobs listed. They also offer a Jobs by e-mail service. Enter your name and e-mail address, select the relevant discipline (e.g. 'Librarianship') and you will be sent either a daily or weekly summary of the relevant vacancies.


The News site had 11 posts under 'Library and information science job vacancies'.


Vacancies in librarianship and information sciences, which is free for both parties. There were three librarianship jobs listed.

For GIS posts, there is a wide range of relevant sites. These can be accessed via the GIS jobs site.

For US posts, there is a good list of links on the Rutgers University site.

You might also wish to consider using one of the newsgroups, such as UK Jobs or Comp.Infosystems. If you are a member, you can post job applications to lis-link.

see the 'Reference' section of 'Special Topics'

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