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This site has a selective index, but it does not have its own dedicated search facility. However, there is a way you can look for keyword(s) or phrases across the entire site. Select one of the two search engines below - there may be others that do much the same things.

Select the Advanced Search option.

Select the option ‘all the words’, whether you want a keyword(s) or phrase, in the ‘Search for’ box [for some reason ‘the exact phrase’ option does not work].

Enter your search term(s) in the first box, noting that words are linked by ‘and’. There is no need to put inverted commas round a phrase. Truncation (*) does not work.

In ‘Word Filters’ select ‘Must include’ and change ‘in the text’ to ‘in the URL’.

Enter into the box: ihr.sas.ac.uk/maps

Select: Advanced Search’.

Enter in 'Query’ - url:ihr.sas.ac.uk/maps

Use the ‘Sort by:’ option to enter your search term, whether word(s) or a phrase.

Note that words are linked by ‘or’, and you should put inverted commas round a phrase.

Searching for a link in the site

It is also possible to search for a link that might be somewhere in the site, via All the Web ('Advanced Search' option) [but not, apparently, via Altavista].

Ignore the ‘Search for’ box.

Enter into the 'Word Filters' section:-

‘Must include:’ ihr.sas.ac.uk/maps - 'in the URL'

‘Must include:’ [full or partial URL you are looking for] - 'in the link to URL'

[This note was added 29 August 2000. Be aware that search engine procedures are constantly changing]
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