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Early maps, and the resources and activities associated with them, form the subject of this site's 80 (mostly brief) 'pages'. All the worthwhile information about old maps can be found here, directly or indirectly. These pages offer comment and guidance, and links to numerous other sites - selected for relevance and quality.

You can use the site's own structure (via the MAIN MENU). Alternatively, go to the INDEX to find what you want (and perhaps unexpected things as well) or browse the SITEMAP to see the full range.

Who is this site for? It is designed for anyone, whether specialist or surfer, who wants to learn more about non-current maps. Are you:-

  • an academic - in which case you will find a tightly organised, global overview of a multi-disciplinary subject.
  • somebody who would like to find out more about old maps - in which case Web Resources offers you links to online histories of the subject and map images [there are none on this site]. Or try Map Collecting and Marketplace.
  • 'Map History', which forms part of History, the server of the Institute of Historical Research (London), is compiled by Tony Campbell, Map Librarian, British Library, London. It has been growing and improving for three years and is updated weekly. So, make sure to bookmark it and, if relevant, add a link from your own page.

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