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Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi
Invitation to Advertisers

Please see the important announcement about a publishing partnership between Imago Mundi and Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis group), December 2002. If you are an existing advertiser, Routledge will be contacting you in due course to see if you wish to advertise in the 2003 volume. If you are considering advertising in Imago Mundi for the first time, please contact Routledge for information about rates and the 2003 schedule, at: orders@tandf.co.uk

Founded in 1935, Imago Mundi is the only international scholarly journal solely concerned with the study of early maps in all its aspects. It is sold mainly to a network of libraries worldwide as well, of course, to individuals. Recognised as a vital reference work, Imago Mundi is usually displayed on the open access shelves. For advertisers, IM is thus the ideal way to reach librarians, academics and all those seriously interested in the subject.

The journal has been given a fresh lease of life under a new Editor. The changes have included a significant enlargement in the size of the annual volume (260 pages for the 2001 issue) and an expanding number of colour plates (currently 12 pages). Economies in production have allowed us to leave the institutional price unchanged for another year (the private rate was last raised in 1992!). As a result, while other journals are losing subscribers we are gaining them.

If, therefore, you wish to promote any publication or activity relevant to the history of cartography we invite you to join the steadily growing group of publishers, journal editors, societies and dealers who have decided to use IM to reach their potential market.

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