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Harley Fellowships

The J.B. Harley Awards
for 2011

The Trustees of the J B Harley Research Fellowships Trust Fund are pleased to announce the eighteenth series of awards, offering support to assist research in the map collections of the United Kingdom.

Awards have been made to:

Mr David Flaherty (doctoral student, University of Virginia, Department of History): ‘British Visions of Empire and the Aggressive Imperial Project for the North American Frontier, 1713-1783’ (2 weeks)

Ms Galia Halpern (doctoral student, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts): ‘Open Geography and the Illuminated Mandeville’s Travels’ (2 weeks)

Ms Julie McDougall (doctoral student, University of Edinburgh, Institute of Geography): ‘The Development and Publishing History of School Atlases and British Geography c.1880 – c.1930’ (2 weeks)

Ms Amy Prior (doctoral student, University of Edinburgh, Institute of Geography): ‘The Cartographic Representation of Africa, 1880-1915: Print Histories of African Mapping’ (2 weeks)

Dr Louis Cellauro (research associate, Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Lyons, Institute of History): ‘The Eternal City: Sixteenth-Century Maps of Ancient and Modern Rome in the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae Albums’ (3 weeks)

Dr Angelo Cattaneo (research associate, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal) – ‘16th- 17th-Century Portuguese Manuscript Cartography Held in London Collections: Study of Patterns of Circulation and Forms of Reception (16th -19th Centuries)’ (3 weeks)

Dr Pamela O. Long (independent scholar, Washington): ‘Engineering the Eternal City: Power, Knowledge, and Urbanization in Rome, 1557-1590’ (4 weeks)

Ms Rose Mitchell, Hon. Sec., Harley Fellowships
20 January 2011

For details of past awards, numbers of applicants, and extracts from previous Fellows’ reports, see the full listing of fellows

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