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Harley Fellowships

The J.B. Harley Awards
for 2010

The Trustees of the J B Harley Research Fellowships Trust Fund are pleased to announce the seventeenth series of awards, offering support to assist research in the map collections of the United Kingdom.

Awards have been made to:

Ms Martha Bell (Pennsylvania State University, Department of Geography): ‘Andean Gristmills: the emergence of new Environmental, Social and Technological Landscapes and Spanish Colonialism’ (3 weeks)

Mr Ben Breen (University of Texas at Austin, Department of History): ‘Mapping Nature: Cartography as a Conduit for Natural Knowledge, 1660-1740’ (3 weeks)

Dr Martin Dodge (University of Manchester, Department of Geography): ‘War Time Civilian Cartography: Investigating the Mapping of Manchester Before, During and After the Second World War’ (2 weeks)

For the period 2007-2011, in addition to the normal J B Harley Fellowships there are also Harley-Delmas Fellowships funded by the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, for research on the history of cartography during the European Renaissance to the Enlightenment c.1400-c.1800.

The third Harley-Delmas Fellow is Dr Stéphane Blond (University of Evry-Val d'Essonne, Department of History): ‘Administrative road maps in Europe: 1650-1800’ (5 weeks).

Ms Rose Mitchell, Hon. Sec., Harley Fellowships
27 January 2010

For details of past awards, numbers of applicants, and extracts from previous Fellows’ reports, see the full listing of fellows

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