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Harley Fellowships

The J.B. Harley Awards
for 2008

The Trustees of the J B Harley Research Fellowships Trust Fund are pleased to announce the fifteenth series of awards, offering support to assist research in the map collections of the United Kingdom.

Awards have been made to:

Ms Carolyn Anderson (University of Edinburgh): 'Constructing the Military Landscape: Board of Ordnance Maps and Plans of Scotland c.1707 to c.1815' (4 weeks)

Professor Elio Brancaforte (Tulane University, New Orleans): 'Iran through Western Eyes: Representations of Safavid Persia in Early-Modern European Travel Narratives and Maps (1501-1722)' (3 weeks)

Ms Eva Stamoulou (University of Manchester): 'The Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean: Cartographical Insights on Identity in Venice and its Oltremare' (2 weeks)

Professor Dan Terkla, (Illinois Wesleyan University) : 'The Hereford Mappa Mundi: Placement, Reception, and Perception' (3 weeks)

For the period 2007-2011, in addition to the normal J B Harley Fellowships there are also Harley-Delmas Fellowships funded by the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, for research on the history of cartography during the European Renaissance to the Enlightenment c.1400-c.1800.

The first Harley-Delmas Fellow is Mr Jeffers Lennox (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada): 'An Atlantic Borderland: Mapping, Geographic Knowledge, and Imagining Nova Scotia / l'Acadie / Mi'kma'ki, 1710-1784' (4 weeks )

Ms Rose Mitchell, Hon. Sec., Harley Fellowships
28 January 2008

For details of past awards, numbers of applicants, and extracts from previous Fellows’ reports, see the full listing of fellows

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