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What they said about the ninth edition of

Who's Who ('D9') - 1998

'As the name implies, this is the ninth edition of this invaluable work. Its structure is unchanged from its predecessor, but it is enlareged because the number of researchers listed has increased by 24 per cent, surely a mammoth task for the editor who should be congratulated on the results of her labours....A book every reference library should have and every researcher should have access to' (Eugene Burden in the Journal of the International Map Collectors' Society, Summer 1999) 66.

'D9 is indispensable to the professional academic, serious researcher, or diligent amateur working in this field... The heart of D9 is 128 pages of entries submitted by persons working in the field about themselves, listing name, institution, address, telephone, e-mail address, main interests, key publications since 1995, etc. Its 630 entries are up 24% over the 1995 (508) edition, which was itself up 39% over 1992 (365)...D8 was the first edition that could rightly be called a decent overall directory to the field, and D9 expands on D8 considerably' (Bert Johnson in The Portolan - Journal of the Washington Map Society, Fall 1999) 56.

What they said about the eighth edition ('D8') - 1995

'Part one ['What's What...'] is a little gem and it's wonderful to have so much useful information brought together so handily. Part two, the "Who's Who" proper, follows the now-familiar pattern: names, addresses (including, for the first time, a number of e-mail addresses) and phone numbers of people doing work in the field; their areas of current research; and their publications since the last edition ... All libraries and serious collectors should have a copy'. (Bob Karrow in Mapline 80-81 (1996-97) 29.

'The object [of the 'What's What...' section] is to provide "a single, easy-to-use point of entry to a rapidly changing subject" for both newcomers and librarians, and act as a handy reference work for workers already in the field ...[it] succeeds admirably and there can be few subjects that have such a useful vade mecum ... Mary Alice Lowenthal...has succeeded admirably in making an intelligent directory out of a great variety of contributions in a multitude of languages ... Who's Who in the History of Cartography is an excellent publication ... no one working in the field can afford to be without it'. Paul Ferguson in Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography 48 (1996) 225.

'The international coverage is, in fact, very impressive and helps to make the volume indispensable ... Mary Alice Lowenthal proves herself to be a meticulous editor' (K.C. Harrison in Reference Reviews 10/3 (1996) 38-9.

'It is worth pointing out that these [publication] lists, compiled as they are by their own authors, often contain works not noticed in the standard bibliographical sources ... For the first time the number of major researchers omitted is small enough that D8 can claim to be a fair overall directory of scholars ...The new guide to resources ... contains a wealth of data...for a first effort it does very well and represents a valuable and needed inititative ... D8 thus clearly fills a considerable gap ...With this eighth edition the Who's Who ... has definitely come of age, establishing itself as the Sheehy's for historians of cartography ... an indispensable directory and guide ... a true vade mecum for the subject'. Douglas W. Sims in The Map Collector 74 (1996) 51.

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