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Forthcoming meetings - a quick chronology (2009 Archive)

January 29-31 - Zurich. International conference, Herrschaft verorten. Politische Kartographie des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit

January 31 - Fullerton. Meeting of the California Map Society.

February 7-8 - Miami International Map Fair, at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

February 15-17. Vienna - ICA Symposium on Cartography for Central and Eastern Europe. Including a four-paper session on 'Historical Cartography' and some posters.

March 4-6 - London. The Cosmography of Paradise: the Other World from Ancient Mesopotamia to Medieval Europe, at the Warburg Institute.

March 16-17 - Oxford. Conference, 'Imagining Jerusalem in the Medieval West', at University College. [See also here]

March 20 - Bucharest. 'The many shapes of Europe reflected in early maps', a symposium on the history of cartography sponsored by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, organized by the Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle.

March 21 - Richmond. The 5th annual Alan M. and Natalie P. Voorhees Lecture series, at the Library of Virginia. Marianne McKee and Luke Vavra will discuss the creation and correction of the first official state map of Virginia (1827/1859) and its use during the Civil War.

April 3-5 - San Antonio. Spring meeting of the Texas Map Society, 'Spanish Colonial Mapping and their Map Makers'.

April 6-7 - Venice. IV International Workshop on "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", organized by the International Cartographic Association Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage, in cooperation with the University IUAV of Venice [CIRCE - Centro Interdipartimentale Rilievo, Cartografia, Elaborazioni].

April 14-17 - Seville. International conference, Poblar la inmensidad: sociedades, conflictos y representaciones en los márgenes del Imperio Hispánico (XV-XIX); one of the themes is 'La representación de la frontera: discursos, imágenes y cartografía.' Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 January 2009.

April 16 - Amsterdam. A one-day symposium, 'Atlas Van der Hem - Verre wereld in beeld', on the occasion of the official presentation of the facsimile edition by HES & DE GRAAF Publishers.

April 21, 28 & May 5 - Boston. A series of three lectures at The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center.

April 23 - Bruges. A symposium (?) by J.L. Meulemeester (in Dutch) on the Tabula Peutinger, organized by the Cultuurbibliotheek.

April 24-25 - Cluj-Napoca (Romania). 'International Conference on History of Cartography and Historical Geography': 'Descriptio Transylvaniae' . Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 December 2008.

April 24-26 - Paris. The International Map Collectors' Society will visit, at least, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Loeb-Larocque map shop.

April 24-6 - Darmstadt. The '4th International Atlas Days' with the principal theme "lithography" will take place at the University and State Library.

April 25 - Deerfield, Mass. One-day forum at Historic Deerfield, 'Cartographic Connections: Investigating and Collecting Antique Maps'.

May 9 - Kalamazoo. The 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies, University of Western Michigan, including session 485, "Globalizing the Middle Ages: Mapping the Medieval World," sponsored by the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota.

May 14-15 - Washington, D.C. Symposium 'Exploring Waldseemüller's world' at the Library of Congress.

May 28-30 - Los Angeles. 'Mapping Medieval Geographies: Cartography and Geographical Thought in the Latin West and Beyond: 300-1600', a CMRS Ahmanson Conference at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. Deadline for Call for Papers: 30 September 2008.

May 29-31 - Sant'Anatolia di Narco, Perugia, Italy. 4th meeting of the Collezionisti Italiani di Cartografia Antica [Italian Map Collectors Society], 'Cartografia Storica e Collezionismo in Italia', with two exhibitions.

June 6-7 - London. The London Map Fair at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore. There will be free public lectures by Francis Herbert at 14.30 daily in the Ondaatje Theatre, and guided tours of the RGS.

June 8 - Liverpool. 'Archives record rights, from the past, for the future', a training event organised by Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS), 'to raise awareness of the potential of archives for establishing and maintaining legal rights: rights of access, rights of ownership, rights of use'. See here for programme and booking form.

June 19 - Göttingen. Les usages de la cartographie au début de l’époque moderne (XVe-XVIIe siècles) - Karten verwenden am Anfang der Frühen Neuzeit (15.-17. Jahrhundert), Mission historique française en Allemagne (MHFA).

June 20 - Hermitage. Seminar of the Defence Surveyors' Association, 'Maps & Surveys 2009', at the Royal School of Military Survey, Denison Barracks, Hermitage (near Newbury), Berks.

June 20 - San Francisco. Joint meeting of the California Map Society and the California Historical Society.

June 22-26 - Charlottesville. The University of Virginia's Rare Book School will be offering a map course - 'Introduction to the History, Collection, Description and Use of Maps', with principal instructor Alice Hudson, Chief of The Lionel Pincus & Princess Firyal Map Division of The Humanities and Social Sciences Library of The New York Public Library. This course provides a general overview of maps as social, cultural, intellectual tools and their place in the library and the academy. It is intended for rare book curators, generalists, conservators, map librarians, and antiquarian dealers and collectors who seek to focus on the particular nature of the cartographic materials that impact their work or interests. Applications are available online.

June 22-26 - London. The London Palaeography Summer School (Director: Prof. Michelle Brown, with experts drawn from various institutions). 'Subject areas include Anglo-Saxon palaeography, electronic resources for manuscript studies, medieval scientific manuscripts, Latin palaeography, German palaeography, Papal diplomatic, illuminated manuscripts and manuscript book making (western and Ethiopic).'

July 2-5 - Burlington, Vermont. A symposium When the French were here, as part of the Samuel de Champlain quadricentennial. ['Maps and mapmaking' is one of the themes.] Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 October 2008.

July 6-7 - London. 'Identification of Paper Workshop', a fee-paying course organised by International Academic Projects, run by Peter Bower, at the British Library.

July 12-17 - Copenhagen, Denmark. 23rd International Conference on the History of Cartography

July 20-24 - London Rare Books School: 'A History of Maps and Mapping' - course tutors, Dr Catherine Delano- Smith and Sarah Tyacke, CB (with Peter Barber, Roger Kain & Laurence Worms).

July 26 - London. A celebration of Thomas Hariot's achievements in astronomy at Syon House, west London, including a map exhibition.

July 28-August 2 - Budapest. XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology. Ideas and Instruments in Social Context [select 'Program']. Including a number of papers on the history of cartography, e.g.: 28 July, 'Ideas and Instruments in the Iberian World in Early Modern Times (15th to 17th Century)'; 29 July, 'Geographical Knowledge and Nautical Application'; 31 July, 'Visual Representations in Science and Pseudo-Science in Pre-Modern and Non-Western Cultures'; 1 August, 'Geography in the Contemporary Period (1800-)'.

July 30-31 - Swansea. 'Mapping the Medieval City: Space, Place and Identity: an Interdisciplinary Colloquium' at Swansea University, held to mark the completion of the AHRC-funded research project ‘Mapping Medieval Chester’; 'we are also seeking inter-disciplinary contributions relating to the medieval city more generally'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 23 February 2009.

August 23-27. Kyoto, Japan. 14th International Conference of Historical Geographers at Kyoto University. Themes include: "Digital humanities and historical GIS" and "Mapping, surveying and geographical knowledge". Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 January 2009.

August 26-8 - London. RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Cartographies of Inclusion and Exclusion, sponsored by the Historical Geography Research Group. ['The session will focus on the relationships between state mappings and identity construction across various geographical locations'. Also mentioned are 'the mapping traditions of indigenous societies']. For full programme see the Historical Geography Research Group Newsletter (July 2009). Deadline for Call for Papers: 3 February 2009.

September 3 - Zürich. 'Geomatik mit Tradition und Zukunft - Xaver Imfeld und seine Zeit, Vermessung und Kartografie heute', Jubiläumstagung an der ETH Zürich zum 100. Todesjahr von Xaver Imfeld, at ETH Zürich, Campus Science City (Hönggerberg).

September 6-9 - Oslo. Symposium of the International Map Collectors' Society. The main theme will be the mapping of Scandinavia and the Arctic. A post-symposium tour is being planned.

September 9-10 - Edinburgh. British Cartographic Society, Map Curators’ Group (MCG) Workshop, 'From Paper to Screen'. Followed by a meeting of the Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps on 12 September.

September 9-11 - Cambridge. Annual Study Conference of CILIP [Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals] Rare Books & Special Collections Group, 'A Special Relationship? Special Collections and the Antiquarian Book and MSS Trade', at Clare College - 'an opportunity to examine and discuss issues concerning libraries and the antiquarian book trade, including acquisitions, donations, valuations, theft and the sale of library materials'.

September 12-13 - Halsegg, Switzerland. Eröffnungsfeier des Dufour-Museums im Artilleriewerk Halsegg, marking the opening of the new Museum celebrating the work of the cartographer G.H. Dufour.

September 30 - Delft. A study day organised by the Werkgroep Stedengeschiedenis, Leve de kaart! Plattegronden en kaarten als historische bron, instrument van onderzoek en middel van presentatie.

October 1-4. 'Géographie des mers' - 20e édition du Festival International de Géographie de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges

October 2-4 - Arlington. Fall meeting of the Texas Map Society.

October 11-13 - Raleigh. The 50th annual meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries, at the North Carolina Museum of History. Deadline for Call for Papers: 25 May 2009.

October 13-14 - Greenwich, London. 'Globes: History, Technology and Conservation', a fee-paying course organised by International Academic Projects, run by Sylvia Sumira & Paul Cook, at the National Maritime Museum.

October 17 - Portland, Maine. A one-day conference, 'New directions in the study of early American cartographies', at the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education. The conference is also the inaugural meeting of the biennial Maine Forum for Map History.

October 17 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A one-day conference Mapping the Early South.

October 27 - Edinburgh. 'Mapping and Antiquities in Scotland', a seminar organised by the Scottish Maps Forum with the National Library of Scotland.

November 13-14 - Vancouver. 38th Annual Medieval Studies Workshop: 'Writing the World: Representation of the Cultural, Political and Natural World in Medieval and Renaissance Europe', at the University of British Columbia. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 August 2009.

November 14 - Stirling. The Forth Naturalist and Historian 35th Man and the Landscape Symposium, 'Maps for All Reasons', University of Stirling

November 14-15 - Oxford. Maps for Archaeologists, organized by the University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education. Course Tutor: Giles Darkes.

November 15-21 - Santiago, Chile. 24th International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association, including the Commission on the History of Cartography, whose sessions will give preference to papers dealing with the 19th and 20th centuries. Deadline for Call for Papers: 16 January 2009.

November 19 - Zurich. A conference, 'Die Tabula Peutingeriana. Rätsel um eine spätantike Weltkarte und ihre Handschrift', at the Zurich Central Library.

November 20 - Milwaukee. Symposium, 'Korean maps in the 19th Century: the Korean National Treasure /Daedong Yeojido/ at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee' - further information from the American Geographical Society Library.

November 27 - Rome, study day, 'Geografia e cartografia nel papiro di Artemidoro', organized by the Società Geografica Italiana; for the full programme see here.

December 2 - Cambridge. Seminar, Mapping History, People and Ideas: Geospatial Modelling in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH).

December 4 - Paris. 'Cartographie et société urbaine', a seminar (in French and English) organized by the Commission Histoire of the Comité Français de Cartographie. Deadline for Call for Papers: 8 June 2009 [amended date].

December 5 - Brussels. BIMCC Conference, 'Exploratory Cartography, from Heaven to Earth'.

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