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Forthcoming meetings - a quick chronology (2008 Archive)

January 18 - Strasbourg (France). Journée d'étude: 'Expériences de terrain et compétences cartographiques : pour une approche heuristique de la numérisation des cartes et plans (HistCARTO)', organized by Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme - Alsace (MISHA). [To see the programme, click on the 'voir' paperclip.]

January 26 - Los Angeles. Winter meeting of the California Map Society at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park

February 1-2 - Vienna. Art and Cartography - Cartography and Art Symposium, organized by the new working group on Art and Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) [among the topics: 'Maps as artistic artifacts ... through maps in cartography (contemporary and historical)'].

February 1-3 - Miami International Map Fair, at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

February 10-13 - New Zealand, 'Te Taki o Autahi: Under the Southern Cross' - 2008 Joint International Cartographic Conference of the Australian Map Circle, the New Zealand Map Society and the International Map Collectors' Society (whose international symposium this also is). 'Pre-conference events and tours are being organised for those conference attendees who wish to take advantage of our conference and visit key Australian Cartographic and tourism sites'

February 18 - Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Espaces médiévaux - Encyclopédisme et image du monde au Moyen Âge - Séminaire 2008. At the Université catholique de Louvain, Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres (in French). For details see BIMCC.

March 1 - Houston. Spring meeting of the Texas Map Society.

March 8 - Richmond, Virginia. Prof. Matthew Edney will give two lectures: (1) the 2008 Alan M. & Nathalie P. Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography at the Library of Virginia, 'John Mitchell, His Map, and the Eighteenth-Century Culture of Geography', and (2) for the Fry-Jefferson Map Society, 'How to Write the History of Maps and Mapping in the Modern World', with an accompanying exhibition of maps portraying English and French interests in eighteenth-century North America.

March 20 - Hampden-Sydney, Virginia. A Cartographic Symposium at the Hampden-Sydney College, honouring a collection of early maps of the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia given by Henry Spalding. Contact: Sharon Goad < sgoad@email.hsc.edu >.

April 3 - High Wycombe. A Study Day, '"Your Target for Tonight" Secret military mapping programmes in the Chilterns, 1939-45', organized by the British Cartographic Society Historical Military Mapping Group (in association with the Medmenham Club), at Hughenden Manor, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

April 3-5 - Chicago. 'Maps and the Visions of Space and Place in Italy', a session organized by Matthew Edney, at the 54th annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America.

April 4, 11, 18, 25 & May 2, 9 - Charlottesville, Virginia. 'The Roles of Old Maps: History, Art, Cartography and the Building of Nations' - a course on six consecutive Friday mornings by Joel Kovarsky under the auspices of the Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning (JILL).

April 22 - Edinburgh. Scottish Maps Forum seminar, 'Planning the Scottish townscape? Exploring urban history through town plans', National Library of Scotland.

April 21-25 - Mexico City. II Simposio Iberoamericano de Historia de la Cartografía

April 30-May 4 - Gotha. 'Workshop and International Atlas Days 2008' will discuss 'Justus Perthes and More'. For additional information and registration contact Jürgen Espenhorst, < pangaea@cityweb.de >.

May 8-11 - Kalamazoo. 43rd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. To include a session, 'The Global Middle Ages', exploring how "writers and artists such St. Augustine, Macrobius, Roger Bacon, Ranulf Higden, and others describe the globe" Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 September 2007.

May 10 - Seattle. '2008 China in Asia Workshop: Maritime Asia in the Early Modern World, at University of Washington', Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities [three of the six talks are about cartography] .

May 13-16 - Vancouver. 'CARTO 2008', a joint meeting of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives and the Canadian Cartographic Association. ['History of cartography' is one of the conference themes.]

May 15-17 - Greenwich, London. International interdisciplinary conference at the National Maritime Museum, 'Richard Hakluyt (c. 1552-1616): life, times, legacy'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 30 September 2007.

May 20 - London. LIBER Library Collection Security Conference, hosted by the British Library and sponsored by Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche/Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER).

May 22 - London. 'Working with maps and geographical information', a one-day course at the Institute of Historical Research, organized by the Department of Geography at the University of Portsmouth, and the Great Britain Historical GIS. ['Much of the focus will be on the different ways of working digitally with historic maps'.]

May 28-30 - Ghent & Leuven. Colloquium ‘Current Issues in Early Modern Cosmography’.

May 30 - London. Denis Cosgrove Event (memorial) at the Royal Geographical Society, 5 pm.

May 30-June 1 - Sant’Anatolia di Narco (Perugia, Italy). A conference and exhibition - Cartografia storica e collezionismo in Italia. 3° Seminario di Studi. 'I costruttori di mappe Arte, Scienza, Immaginazione e modelli culturali nell’opera del cartografo'. Organized by the CISGE - Centro Italiano per gli Studi Storico-Geografici; Società Geografica Italiana; Associazione "Roberto Almagià"; Collezionisti Italiani di Cartografia Antica. [Further information from: anatolia.narco(at)tin.it]

May 31 - Sausalito. Meeting of the California Map Society.

June 6-8. London. IMCoS June Meeting and the London Map Fair: lectures by Nick Millea (IMCoS Dinner), Peter Barber and Laurence Worms (London Map Fair).

June 21 - Hermitage. Seminar of the Defence Surveyors' Association, 'Maps & Surveys 2008', at the Royal School of Military Survey, Denison Barracks, Hermitage (near Newbury), Berks.

June 26-27 - Barcelona. 3rd International Workshop on "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" - the International Cartographic Association's Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage.

June 30-4 July - London. London Rare Books School. 'History of Maps and Mapping (Course 1)', course tutors, Dr Catherine Delano-Smith and Sarah Tyacke, CB.

July 14-18 - London. London Rare Books School. 'Mapping Land and Sea before c.1800 (Course 2)', course tutors, Dr Catherine Delano-Smith and Sarah Tyacke, CB.

July 14-16 - Reading. 'Land, Landscape and Environment, 1500-1750', Early Modern Research Centre, University of Reading ['cartography, maps and signs' are mentioned]. Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 February 2008.

August 11-13 - Cambridge. Mapping the Middle Ages, a course led by Dr Lucy Donkin, at Madingley Hall, Cambridge.

August 12-16 - Tunja, Colombia. XIV Congreso Colombiano de Historia, including session 12, 'Desarrollos recientes de la historia de la cartografía en Colombia'.

August 13-15 - Copenhagen. 'Ways of knowing the field: International Conference on the History of Fieldwork, Cartography and Scientific Exploration', at Carlsberg Academy, organized by the Danish Network for the History and Sociology of Scientific Fieldwork and Expeditions, and the Danish Research School in Philosophy, History of Ideas and History of Science. Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 March 2008.

September 5-7 - Budapest. IMCoS Hungary Tour, organized by Zsolt Török for the International Map Collectors' Society.

September 10-12 - Portsmouth, England. 'Shifting boundaries - cartography in the 19th and 20th centuries', a symposium on the history of cartography, organized by the International Cartographic Association, Commission on the History of Cartography. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 March 2008.

September 25-27 - Berne. The second conference of the Forum Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa (FOSE): 'Mapping Eastern Europe / Osteuropa kartiert: Interdisziplinäre Tagung zu KartenWelten und KartenZeiten in Bern'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 30 September 2007.

September 26-27 - Berlin. A series of lectures, Berlin Die Macht der Karten - oder: Was man mit Karten machen kann [The power of maps - or: What you can do with maps] - sponsored by Frithjof-Voss-Stiftung in cooperation with the map department of the Staatsbiblitothek zu Berlin, and held at the latter. You need to register.

September 26-8 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A meeting on Surveying and Cartography, held at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.

October 3-7 - Arlington, Texas. Virginia Garrett Lectures in the History of Cartography; a joint meeting of the Texas Map Society and the Philip Lee Phillips Society of the Library of Congress; and the 49th Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries; Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 June 2008.

October 4 - Richmond, Virginia. A program, 'From Compass to GPS: The History and Future of Mapping in Virginia' at the Library of Virginia, in conjunction with the exhibition 'From Williamsburg to Will's Creek: The Fry-Jefferson Map of Virginia'.

October 18-19 - Rye, East Sussex. A weekend conference, 'Medieval Seas', at Rye College [one of the suggested topics is 'cartography and world view']. Deadline for Call for Papers: 7 April 2008.

October 23-25 - Coimbra, Portugal. XIV Reunião Internacional de História da Náutica / XIV International Reunion for the History of Nautical Science, 'Arte de Navegar | Nautical Science 1400-1800'.

October 23-6 - Miami. A session, 'Contributory Gis for Historical Research' at the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association.

November 6-8 - Hamburg. 14. Kartographiehistorisches Colloquium, at the Museum für Kommunikation.

November 13 - Amsterdam. Study day, In de kaart gekeken, related to the exhibition "Atlas Maior - De wereldatlas van Blaeu", organised by the Vrije Academie te Amsterdam.

November 28-30 {date altered} - Bern. International Conference: Historic maps and imagery for modern scientific applications.

December 1-5 - São Paolo, Brazil. International conference, 'Geografia: Tradições e Perspectivas: Homenagem ao Centenário de Nascimento de Pierre Monbeig', [including theme 2: 'Espacio: imagenes, cartografías y representaciones gráficas'], Universidade São Paulo, Departmento de Geografia. Deadline for Call for Papers: 30 August 2008.

December 4-5 - Berlin. Workshop, "Archiving in Digital Cartography and Geoinformation", organised by the Berlin-Brandenburg Section of the German Cartographic Society in cooperation with the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage, CODATA Germany, the German National Committee on Data for Science and Technology, and the Hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam. One of the named topics is 'cartographic heritage'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 12 September 2008.

December 5 - Paris. Colloquium [in French] 'Cartes, climats et milieux' [Maps, Climate, and the Environment from the Middle Age to the Present], at the Archives nationales, organised by the Comité français de cartographie.

December 13 - Brussels. The Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle, Annual Study Session.

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