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Forthcoming meetings - a quick chronology (2007 Archive)

January 22 - Strasbourg. A study day, 'Cartes manuscrites, cartes imprimées : construction, usages et circulations (XVIIIe et XIXe siècles)', organized by Isabelle Laboulais as part of the programme: 'Expériences de terrain et compétences cartographiques' (Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’homme - Alsace / Agence Nationale de la Recherche).

January 26-8 [change from previously advertised date: February 3-4] - Miami International Map Fair, at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

February 5-7 - Guatemala. International Map Collectors' Society, 25th international symposium.

February 11-14 - Canberra. 35th annual conference of the Australian Map Circle, at the National Library of Australia, 'Finding the Limits'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 2 October 2006. [Latest programme via Lismaps].

February 17 - San Marino. Joint meeting at the Huntington Library of the California Map Society and the Western Association of Map Libraries.

March 5, 6 & 8 - Cambridge. Sarah Tyacke will be delivering the prestigious Sandars Lectures in Cambridge University Library, with the overall title 'Conversations with maps: world views in early modern Europe'. [See the link for a synopsis of the talks].

March 9-11 - Marburg. 'Weltbilder im Mittelalter. Kolloquium internationaler Nachwuchswissenschaftler / Perceptions of the World in the Middle Ages. International Colloquium for Postgraduate Students', at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 October 2006.

March 22-3 - Paris. 'Colloque Coronelli', at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, to mark the unveiling of the restored giant Coronelli globes (1681-3). Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 November 2006.

March 24-25 - Nacogdoches, Texas. Spring meeting of the Texas Map Society.

March 30-31 - Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary. International seminar, 'Cartography and history in Europe: sociological, pedagogical, psychological and political aspects'.

March 30-31 - Greenwich, London. Conference (including two papers on cartography), 'Exploring and being explored: Africa in the nineteenth century', at the National Maritime Museum.

April 4 - Blair Castle, Perthshire. Scottish Maps Forum, 'Landscape in the Age of Improvement: estate plans and landscape change in Scotland'.

April 17-21 - San Francisco. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, to include a session on 'Gender and Cartographic Culture'. There is also to be a session, entitled 'Historical GIS: reconstructing early American settlement patterns' - see the post to MapHist.

May 5-6 - Hildburghausen, Germany. A second 'Atlas Party', to exchange materials and discuss nineteenth and twentieth century atlases, organized by Juergen Espenhorst at the City Museum - in German.

April 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18 - Charlottesville, Virginia. 'The Roles of Old Maps: History, Art, Cartography and the Building of Nations', a course taught by Joel Kovarsky under the auspices of the Jefferson Institute of Lifelong Learning (JILL). Limited to 25 participants.

May 18-19 - Athens. Second International Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, 'Digitization of and digital access to map collections: problems, solutions, implementation' - run jointly with a meeting entitled 'A digital look at Righas Charta, 1796-97'.

May 19 - Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania. The first international conference on the cartographic history of Transylvania, 'Descriptio Transylvania', organized by the local National Szekler Museum, together with the Cultural Centre of the Hungarian Republic, at the initiative and with the support of Sándor Tamas, a map collector.

May 26-29 - Saskatoon. Social Sciences and Humanities congress at the University of Saskatchewan, including a session hosted by the Canadian Association of Hispanists, 'Representaciones de tierras hispanas: p[re]configurando espacios, textos e imágenes'.

June 2 - Thatcham, Berkshire. Seminar on military surveying and mapping in the 20th century, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Defence Surveyors' Association, at Denison Barracks, Hermitage

June 23 - California. Meeting of the California Map Society at the Chabot Space and Science Center in the Oakland Hills.

June 21-27 - Washington. The annual conference of the American Library Association will include sessions, organized by MAGERT, on Library Security for Maps, and Two Hundred Years of the Coast Survey, as well as a preconference (21-22 June): 'Rare, antiquarian, or just plain old: cataloging pre-twentieth century cartographic resources'.

July 8-13 - Berne, Switzerland. 22nd International Conference on the History of Cartography, hosted by the Working Group on the History of Cartography of the Swiss Society of Cartography, and supported by the Federal Office of Topography, Wabern and the Institute of Cartography, ETH-Zürich. The conference will take place in Berne, with trips to Basle, Zürich and Lucerne for exhibitions and library visits.

July 10-August 14. Orleans, Massachusetts. A series of six talks at the Orleans Historical Society in connection with the exhibition '300 Years Mapping Orleans and Cape Cod From 1600 to 1900' < http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070624/COMM/706240310 >. Cancelled [?? not sure now] July 14-15 - Hattingen, Germany. A conference, 'Geography and the Book of Nature: The Natural World in Transition, 1300-1600', at the Stadtmuseum, Blankenstein. [Including the question: "How do map-making and the nascent discipline of cartography address the relationship of humankind with nature?"]. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 December 2006.

July 23-26 - London Rare Book School. 'The University of London's Institute of English Studies announces the first London Rare Books School (LRBS), a series of four-day, intensive courses on a variety of book-related subjects.' Course 6: A History of Maps and Map Making (Principal Tutors: Dr Catherine Delano-Smith & Sarah Tyacke).

August 4-10 - Moscow. The International Cartographic Association's XIV General Assembly and XXIII International Cartographic Conference.

September 3-7 - Upper Galilee, Israel. An international conference 'commemorating 90 years to WWI in the Near East', at the Tel- Hai Academic College. The session on September 6, entitled 'Visual Dimensions', includes two cartographic papers. Further information from < conferences@adm.telhai.ac.il >

September 8 - Richmond, Virginia. The Library of Virginia Foundation's Fry-Jefferson Map Society presents a program on the John White drawings and the De Bry engravings of them.

September 13-15 - Virginia. Surveyors Rendezvous '07, run by the Surveyors Historical Society, at George Washington's Birthplace National Monument, on Pope's Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

September 13-15 - Oxford. Conference, 'London in Text and History, 1400-1700', at Jesus College. Among the themes mentioned: "Visual London. The changing ways in which the city was represented to itself and to others in maps, prints, and paintings." Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 March 2007.

September 14-15 - Denver. Seventh Annual Rocky Mountain Antique Map Fair.

September 21-22 - Irving, Texas. Road Map Collectors Association Map Expo. 'We expect to have displays of rare Texas maps, courtesy of the Texas Map Society and, furthermore, we are exploring the possibility of a Saturday evening dinner with speaker(s) from the Texas Map Society'.

September 26-29 - Philadelphia. The North American Print Conference 2007, 'Impressions of Philadelphia', presented by the Philadelphia Print Shop, including four map lectures on 27 September.

September 28-30 - Venice. 11th Symposium of the International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 March 2007.

October 5-6 - Arlington. Fall meeting of the Texas Map Society at the The University of Texas at Arlington.

October 17 - [on the web]. A 'virtual web discussion' with Ed Redmond, Geography and Map Reference Specialist, the Library of Congress, 'Charting Their Journeys: Explorers Record the Americas, 1500 - 1900'.

November 2-3 - Bath, England. Conference 'New World Cartographies: Mapping America, 1500-1776', at the American Museum in Britain, Claverton Manor, Bath, organized jointly with the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 May 2007.

November 8-10 - Chicago. The 16th Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr. Lectures in the History of Cartography, 'Ancient Perspectives: Maps and their Place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome' (organized by Richard Talbert). [This and the next will coincide with the Festival of Maps - starting on 2 November and involving more than 25 of Chicago's cultural and scientific institutions.]

November 11-13 - Chicago. Society for the History of Discoveries, 48th annual meeting.

November 16 - Brussels. International conference, 'Formatting Europe - Mapping a Continent', at the Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, organized by the Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle (BIMCC) - part of the Europalia festival, with an accompanying exhibition.

November 16 - Le Havre, France. Journée d'Etude on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birth of D'après de Mannevillette.

November 29-December 1 - London, Ontario. '1 Congreso sobre tecnologías de la escritura / 1 Congress on Technologies of Writing' at the Transatlantic Research Group, University of Western Ontario; see also a post to MapHist. Deadline for Call for Papers: 2 November 2007.

November 30 - Paris. Journée d’étude, 'La cartographie « au temps de Vauban »', organisée par le Comité Français de Cartographie, Commission Histoire de la Cartographie, en collaboration avec le Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers.

November 30-December 2 - Cambridge. 'Mapping the Middle Ages' - a three-day charged course, with particular reference to the British Isles, taught by Dr Lucy Donkin.

December 1 - Rovigo. Giornata di studi, 'Cartografie tra storia e web', organized by the Accademia dei Concordi di Rovigo.

December 7 - Lisbon. First DIGMAP Workshop, at the National Library of Portugal.

December 8 - Chicago. A symposium, 'Mapping the World from Ancient Babylon to the Ottoman Empire', hosted by the Oriental Institute and the Graham School of General Studies.

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