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Map History

Acknowledgements of help with the 'Map History' site

Thanks must go to the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, which generously hosted this sub-site on their "History" site, from its beginning in 1996 until summer 2003. I am also proud to be a member of the World Wide Web Virtual Library. The move to the new host, ammonet.com, was greatly eased by the ready and helpful advice offered by the host-owner, Jack Benson.

Companion Sites

The History of Cartography is, in a real sense, served by a network of sites - a miniature web of its own:

National and Subject Collaborators

The following have agreed to act as 'Collaborators', letting me know when they learn of new sites in their country or on their subject, and notifying me of errors in the existing entries:

{Collaborators are still being sought for the United States}

Others who have assisted

In addition to those named above, invaluable help, over an extended period, is gratefully acknowledged from the following, who told me of many links or helped with technical queries:

and the MapHist list, whose members have provided a steady flow of information and help whenever asked

Compiler, Editor and Webmaster: Tony Campbell  

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